​2017-2018 Programs

Registration is now open! Some classes are almost full! You can print registration forms located on the right of this page or register online using the link found on the tab at the top of this page.  Call us to schedule your personal tour!  812-734-1555

Preschool Classes (Age 3 by August 1)
T/TH Morning (8:15-10:45) 
T/TH Afternoon (12-2:30)
M/W/F Morning (8:15-10:45) 

Kindergarten Prep Classes (Age 4 by August 1)
M-F Morning (8:15-10:45) 
M-F Afternoon (12:00-2:30) 
MWF Afternoon (12:00-2:30) 
*Step-up program (3-4-5) morning or afternoon (Students start at 3 days per week, move up to 4 days in October, and 5 days in January.)

2 Days per week: $95/Month
3 Days per week: $140/Month

4 Days per week: $180/Month
5 Days per week: $225/Month

LSA offers a 10% discount for siblings
attending in the same school year.